Custom Iron Door Pros Limited Warranty guarantees that all iron doors sold will be free from covered defects in material and craftsmanship for a one-year period after the initial purchase date (not installation date).

Do note that doors are sold only with the frame that they were built on, and proper closure and reveal have been checked during build. The most common issue with an Iron door is a result of improper installation resulting in improper reveal and/or closure issues. These issues are always a result of misaligned frames during installation or from improper clearance around the structure the door is set in. THESE ISSUES ARE NOT COVERED BY CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS.

Although many people set their own door, it is strongly recommended that you use someone experienced in how to set an Iron Door properly. Any issues with paint must be noted within 24 hours of pick up or delivery. Once the door is installed or an attempt to install the door is made, all sales are final, and CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will only provide the customer with a replacement part that is covered. Installation is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or their installer. Many factors can affect finish, including allowing water inside the door (especially while still crated), exposure to solvents, foam insulation, paint, damage done during construction, and pressure washing. As a result, CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will not warranty finish after installation or for damage done by the purchaser's neglect.

Customer or installer should verify alignment of door hardware and strike when installing the door even if hardware is being installed at a later date, as this is a crucial part of verifying the door is set properly. If there is a visual issue with the door, it should be noted before installation begins. Doors are handcrafted and hand-finished works of art and there are expected to be variances in color, finish, and even hairline cracks in doors, and these are not defects but individual characteristics making each door unique. Touch up of minor shipping scuffs and or scratches should be expected and are the responsibility of the purchaser and/or their installer. Rustoleum flat or satin touch-up paint should be used. If a bronzer is needed CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will provide that to you. Touch-up paint should be used sparingly and do remember it is touch-up not factory finish. If you get a deep gouge in your door, we can guide you on using filler before touching up.

Custom Iron Door Pros will provide a replacement of any covered substandard parts that have been deemed defective within one year from the date of sale on moving parts at Custom Iron Door Pros’ sole discretion. Unlike most iron door companies who provide no warranty unless their installers install your door, CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will provide replacement parts on any covered part that is deemed defective regardless of who does your install but is in no way responsible for or warranties your installation. Doors that are aligned properly after install and later become misaligned are a result of the structure moving, as the iron doors do not swell or shrink, and these issues are usually not covered by installers. Repairs will be by the purchaser or their installer at their expense as Custom Iron Door Pros does not provide install, measurements, or do service calls as CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS is a wholesaler of doors and allows buyers to buy direct from them at wholesale prices and services. Locally used preferred installers generally provide complementary measurements as well as service calls on a covered item as a part of their installation charge, but the buyer should verify all installation warranty and services with the installer of their choosing as they will need to work directly with them for services.

All doors are guaranteed to be built to the specs approved by the purchaser, their installer, builder, or individual providing Custom Iron Door Pros with measurements for the door purchased, or those printed on in-stock doors. Custom Iron Door Pros guarantees that special order doors will be built in accordance with the CAD drawing approved by the purchaser; however, Custom Iron Door Pros is not responsible for any issue resulting from the acceptability of doors approved by the customer as far as design, appearance, size, or placement of handles or swing. The purchaser is responsible for door features approved, and CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS is responsible that the door is built to specs on the CAD drawing only. The customer should expect some touch-up after installation, and this is their or their installer's sole responsibility.

Exclusions and Limitations on Warranty

Custom Iron Door Pros is not responsible for dimensions other than guaranteeing that they are correct based on the unit approved and purchased.

Variances in color, texture, and finish or variances from samples or color variances when purchasing multiple doors will not be considered a defect covered by this warranty.

Center glass seal is only covered if noted before installation as the seal can be broken by the delivery of doors (especially if transported lying down), pressure washing, or slamming of the door after installation.

Sweating doors or acceptable application of your door to local codes and weather is not covered. Water penetration under any door's threshold or seals with wind-blown rain can be an issue that this warranty does not cover. Threshold water seeping can be an issue, especially on double doors, and an outswing door should be considered.

This warranty excludes glass (as glass is inspected before delivery or shipping), center seal, weather stripping, finish weathering, and any damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, overspray, modifications, overcleaning, chemicals, organic breakdown, or improper installation.

Damage done as a result of mishandling is not covered.

Warranty is non-transferable.

Issues with clearance and door reveal are 100% an install issue and will not be covered.

Minor touch-up should be expected and is not deemed defective and is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or their installer.

CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will not be liable for any issues that arise between you and your installer or your installation.

Blistering of paint due to water damage is not covered.

Lock sets installed on the door are warranted by hardware manufacturer.

Damages or changes done to the doors brought on by frequent use or exposure to the elements is an organic process and not covered.

Not guaranteed to fulfill requirements of local building codes, as codes vary from city to city, and the purchaser should be aware of their own local codes before ordering. Each Iron Door is uniquely different and is not UV or SHGC rated and falls to default standards.

All items in the "Sales" section are sold as is with no warranty, and all sales are final.

About our doors and WARRANTY

As stated Custom Iron Door Pros Limited Warranty guarantees that all iron doors sold will be free from covered defects in material and craftsmanship for a one year period after the initial purchase date (not installation date). Do note that CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS is a wholesaler of doors and many aspects of a door warranty are covered at the retail or install level with many exclusions. We allow you to purchase at the wholesale prices that we sell to builders as well as other Iron Door Retailers who mark up and resell our doors. We have cut out the retailer and sell you the door at over half off the full retail price. Our goal is to provide you with service and quality that far exceeds your expectations, however please note that although we do not provide you any less service than we do our builders and retailers, we cannot offer you anymore and still offer you the wholesale price.
Our doors are 12-gauge steel, which is 29% thicker and heavier than many of our competitor doors. Our techniques allow us to precision build doors, therefore requiring up to 70% less bondo than our competitors, resulting in doors that arevisibly the best on the market. All iron doors do have some amount of bondo and as a result of heat and cold exposure it is typical for a door to organically develop minor cracks and this will not be considered a defect covered by any warranty.As part of maintenance of your door, any time you see exposed metal or an area of rust, this is an indication that water is reaching the metal and general touch up by the consumer may be necessary to protect the door.

Note, that when purchasing more than one door or door and transom with faux finishes there may be variances in color in pieces or from samples as each is hand finished. Center glass seal is only covered if noted before installation as seal, although rare, can be broken during delivery, install, by pressure washing a door or by slamming doors after installation.

All Iron Doors are individual hand-built works of art and it should be expected to have variances in color or texture or finish that are a part of the unique characteristics of an Iron Door and are not deemed to be defects. Door glass or doors with fixed glass have a caulk line that may need re-caulked with black caulk as a result of shipping and or weathering or general maintenance and is not deemed as a defect.

Iron doors can sweat and may not be suitable for all climates and may sweat in all climates depending on dew point and humidity levels and is not a defect of the door, doors are insulated but are not thermal broken.

Buyer has a 24-hour inspection period after picking up or delivery to note any damage. Virtually all damage done to a door is done during self-delivery and or installation as these doors can weigh up to 1000 pounds and can be damaged if mishandled and or dropped or installed incorrectly. Damage done as a result of mishandling is not covered.

If your door is being shipped, any damage or loss should be processed through the shipping company. If visible damage has been done to the shipping container it should be noted and or refused.

Virtually all door companies exclude any warranty if you use your own installer or install yourself. We will provide you with the same parts warranty regardless of who you choose to install your door.

Our doors are pre-hung and inspected on the frames they were built on before disassembly and packing. Most all issues with clearance and door reveal are 100% an install issue and will not be covered. Also, home settlement can result in doors becoming misaligned and or rubbing after install and are not covered by any installer.

If you have foundation movement, that should be addressed before installing an iron door. Check with your installer as to what additional warranty if any that they provide.

We allow you to buy direct and save thousands on the highest quality door by cutting out the retail aspect but do realize that you are taking on part of the responsibility for your purchase and or install. Although defective parts are rare, If a part is found to be defective, we will only provide you a replacement part, we do not do service calls or cover labor, that will be on you and your installer. Minor touch up should be expected and is not deemed defective and is the responsibility of the purchaser and or their installer.

Although installation of an Iron Door can be simple, it is much different than a wood door where you have the ability to trim or chisel the door down to get proper closure. Iron doors must be set properly and require some expertise to do so. In order to set the frame properly, clearance around the frame from the structure should be 1/2 to 1 inch. All doors have been custom built and tested on individual custom frames for proper function and closure.

Purchaser may need to pre-drill screw holes or use self-tapping screws for hardware as strike plate holes and mounting holes vary from hardware manufacturers. If more than one door is purchased, please remember to note which doors go on which frame before unwrapping as each door is custom built on its corresponding frame.

We provide an installer list as a convenience, and although they have shown good work ethics and quality workmanship in the past, we in no way are responsible for their actions and or work and suggest that all customers do their own due diligence before hiring any installer. We are not responsible for any damages done to your home as installers are independent contractors and do not work for Custom Iron Door Pros. You agree to hold Custom Iron Door Pros harmless for any of their actions and or performance.

We allow you to work directly with them, cutting us out as the middle man, to save you money, and therefore you take on the responsibility of working with them, and all terms of your install will be negotiated by you. Remember, door labor warranty is provided by the installer, not Custom Iron Door Pros, and should be verified by whomever you hire to install your door.

CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will not be liable for any issues that arise between you and your installer or your installation. Custom Iron Door Pros will work with you or them to provide parts for any covered defective item needed.

Custom Iron Door Pros may assist you in contacting an installer to do a measure and estimate but does not recommend one installer over the other. We will work with whomever you pick to provide us with measurements and or do your install, but ultimately you are responsible for your install and measurements.

Any and all lock sets purchased are fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and any warranty issues should be directed to them.

We suggest using Rust Oleum flat black paint for touch-ups, and we have bronzer available upon request. We ask you to keep in mind that exposure to natural elements and frequent use is expected to cause Iron Doors to naturally age. Cleaning should be done with a mild soap and water.

Although Custom Iron Door Pros are zinc coated on the outside to help prevent water penetration thru the paint, they are not zinc coated on the inside where they are foam insulated. Care should be used to avoid allowing water to penetrate the door especially thru bored hardware holes. If doors are left in the rain or get soaked while in the crate before installation, water can pool around the bubble wrap in the bottom of the crate allowing water to enter inside of door and soak foam insulation which may cause blistering of the paint and would be the negligence of purchaser. Doors should be protected from other subs that can cause damage to doors thru, solvents and paint, insulation, or texture over spray. Over cleaning, pressure washing or using harsh chemicals may result in damage and voids warranty on door.

Under no circumstances will CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS pay for any labor charges for installation, removal or re-installation of doors. Labor charges for installation, removal, or re-installation of doors will be at YOUR EXPENSE

Custom Iron Door Pros products are not cast, they are hand forged and individually finished in our factory. Minor differences in these products are normal and to be expected to achieve the “hand forged” one of a kind look, so this will not be considered a defect.


All items in "Sales" section are sold as is with no warranty, - all sales are final
TO PREVENT LEAKAGE Having an overhang or protection from the elements for your door is suggested. Even if you have an overhang, in areas where you have water exposure and wind, it is also recommended for doors to be out-swing to help with weather sealing because of unpredictable combination of side wind and rain (in-swing doors are vulnerable to leakage because of bottom threshold). Check with your local codes to see if this is applicable.


Custom Iron Door Pros does not guarantee that products offered fulfill building codes, ordinances, or regulations for any specific application or any particular jurisdiction, as there are countless county and city codes that vary in the many markets where our doors are purchased for. It is purchaser’s sole responsibility that a door meets all of their local building codes and is suitable for chosen application and climate were used. We have carefully created the content and material on our site to depict our products precisely as they are and are continuing to adapt our products manufacturing to be the best in the industry. We strive to give our clients an authentic representation of the product they are purchasing and or ordering and expecting. Custom Iron Door Pros is not responsible for any city or state codes regarding the acceptable use of our doors (thermal broken, ADA, hurricane tested, swing codes, energy ratings, glass codes, etc.).


In no event will Custom Iron Door Pros be liable to clients or anyone else for any incidental, consequential, special or indirect damage. Since the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages is not allowed in certain states, the above-mentioned limitation of liability will not apply in particular jurisdictions or cases. In no event however will Custom Iron Door Pros’ full liability to a customer for any and all damages, losses, and causes of action exceed the amount paid for their door.


The client agrees to indemnify and hold Custom Iron Door Pros and its affiliates harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, losses, costs, and expenses including but not limited to attorneys’ fees that rise from the client’s violation or breach of these Terms and Conditions, and holds Custom Iron Door Pros harmless for any issues arising from installers or installation.


In the event a dispute arises regarding this agreement, or any aspect of this project, the parties agree to resolve the matter amicably prior to mediation or arbitration. If not, the parties agree to submit the dispute to non-binding mediation with a mutually selected mediator. If mediation fails, the parties agree to resolve the matter through binding arbitration. The parties agree to use the American Arbitration Association or a mutually selected arbitrator service and/or arbitrator. The arbitration shall take place in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Owner’s initial filing fee to initiate the arbitration shall not exceed normal court filing and service fees. The arbitrator shall be an attorney in Texas, and shall concentrate in construction law. The arbitrator shall have full power to rule on all matters of the dispute. The parties mutually agree to waive their right to a trial by jury. The prevailing party (who obtains the majority of the relief it seeks) is in entitled to recover its’ reasonable and necessary attorney’s fees.


Custom Iron Door Pros will bring doors to your vehicle. Buyer needs two or three people to load their door and other products. CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will help loading if needed but CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS and their staff are not liable for any damage done to your vehicle or the manner in which it is loaded. CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS will not secure your load and buyer must provide their own tie downs. Buyer or buyers rep picking up doors and or other items are solely responsible for any damage to vehicle and merchandise as well as securing of your load and the suitability of the vehicle for the transport of items purchased. It is recommended to transport doors on their side to help protect the seal of the glass. Water damage that occurs by allowing water inside door can effect paint, care should be used to prevent water from reaching the inside foam.


All items purchased from CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS are made in accordance with a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon tender of the item to the carrier. Custom Iron Door Pros requires purchaser to refuse shipment if visible damage is done to shipping container upon arrival. Once shipment is accepted purchaser must notify Custom Iron Door Pros within 24 hrs. of any issues with Iron Door or other products. Custom Iron Door Pros will accept returns with a 25% re-stocking fee and shipping is not refundable and purchase must ship back at their expense in original condition and packaging. Any damage done to doors will be deducted from refund and could cause refund to be voided. No returns will be approved after installation or attempted installation. Any additional shipping fees because of delays in picking up and or unloading or rescheduling deliver shall be reimbursed to Custom Iron Door Pros by purchaser. Do note that although CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS only charges $5 per day for excess storage, shipping hubs transfer product, they do not store it and if you do not pick up door when shipped to distribution hub within 48 hours after being notified by shipper, they charge up to $150 per day. If goods must be returned you will be responsible for both ways of shipping plus restocking fees and any storage fees.

Although CUSTOM IRON DOOR PROS provides the best delivery time estimate available at the time, Custom Iron Door Pros in not responsible for any delays in shipping beyond estimated delivery time either from our factory or to purchaser’s location because there are numerous delays that can occur that are well beyond the control of Custom Iron Door Pros.

Any deemed defective product or part shall be shipped to customer by Custom Iron Door Pros at Custom Iron Door Pros expense and installed by purchaser or their installer at their expense. Door hardware issues shall be addressed by hardware manufacturer under their warranty. If door is shipped, any claims for damages must be made with shipping company and not Custom Iron Door Pros, additional shipping insurance is the responsibility of the buyer. Custom Iron Door Pros ships doors crated and palleted. Because of the size of the shipping pallet a loading dock is required for delivery or you will have to pick up at the closet shipping terminal. The pallet is too large for lift gate use at residential delivery.