System One is FritsJurgens’ most compact and narrow pivot hinge – a single pivot point, offering a free-swing pivot door for doors with slim door frames. 

Compact and slim

System One acts as a single pivot point without hold positions or self-closing features. It is a simple, slim and narrow, yet broadly applicable pivot hinge.

Free swing

The simplicity of System One allows for free swing pivot doors that can easily be combined with door frames.

Single and double acting doors

System One’s free rotation means that this pivot hinge can be applied in both single and double-acting pivot doors.

SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Type System One Dimensions Weight Material Corrosion resistance 160 x 32 x 39 mm 0,36 KG Stainless Steel  |  Anodized aluminum EN 1670 - class 5 (norm:0-5)

DOOR SPECIFICATIONS: Door Acting Double-acting   | 360º rotation Single-acting  |   90º rotation Weight capacity 0-500 KG Door width Door height Pivot point Min. door thickness Unlimited Unlimited Min. 91 mm from pivot point to short side 40 mm

DOOR MOVEMENT: Door movement 360º free-swinging pivot

FritsJurgens System One can be added to any door. Price is an additional $1199.99