Relapse Pivot Door

Relapse Pivot Door

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Introducing the Relapse Pivot Door - an embodiment of strength and sophistication in modern design. Crafted from solid iron, this pivot door stands as a testament to durability and timeless elegance. Its sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic exude a contemporary charm that seamlessly integrates into any architectural style.

As you approach, the Relapse Pivot Door commands attention with its bold presence and clean, crisp edges. The solid iron construction not only offers unparalleled security but also adds a sense of permanence and substance to your entrance.

Step into a realm of refined luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship with the Relapse Pivot Door - a fusion of strength and style that leaves a lasting impression on all who enter.



  • Durable iron construction ensures longevity and security
  • Expert craftsmanship combined with high-quality materials for superior performance
  • Insulated with polyurethane foam
  • Structurally more sound and stronger than hinges
  • Silent operation
  • Swing speed can be adjusted
  • Enhance curb appeal and elevate the look of any property
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces

What’s Included

  • Door
  • Door frame
  • Pivot Mechanism
  • Weather stripping
  • Door sweep
  • Flush latch

Hardware not included and can be purchased directly through our website.

Our current lead-time is 4 months from order date.

This door is available for custom sizing to perfectly fit your space.

Please contact us for current availability and additional details.